Vtunnel is here to protect your anonymity online!

HTTPS uses secure SSL encryption and is much harder to block!

Vtunnel is here to help you get to the websites you want to go to online. Many organizations these days block access to sites like myspace, gmail, even google search! I find that claiming that filters are there to keep schoolkids learning rather than goofing off, and then going ahead and blocking a primary means of research such as google search, is hypocritical and even dangerous. Thanks to sites like this one however, you can fight back and access the web the way it was meant to be accessed.

By browsing the web through our service, the majority of the blocked websites you want to go to can be accessed again. We at Vtunnel are constantly working to improve the end user experience, and the dedicated following of users we have proves that our work is important and appreciated.

Best of all, due to continuing advertiser support, Vtunnel can provide this valuable service completely free of charge. As I said, we are continually working to make sure that the Vtunnel.com user experience is as good as it can be, so we would value any feedback you have on our service. Feel free to email us at ( Vtunnel [at] overnightpc.net ) for any general questions or comments regarding Vtunnel.com